Who is Courteney Cox dating?



Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox, who played ultimate OTP Chandler Bing and Monica Geller, respectively, were seen hanging out as recently as mid-December 2015 (pictured here) 

While I was debating whether or not Ross is a dumbass, or if Emily is just annoying over Medha’s birthday dinner (yep, apparently Medha had a birthday), me and Medha’s friend, not knowing that he was about to drop a major bombshell into my mundane life, nonchalantly said, “I read this article that Monica and Chandler are dating in real life.”

To be honest, I actually felt the Earth, as I know it, shift under my very feet. Sure, I never really expected Courteney Cox (the actress who plays Monica, duh), who was married woman Courteney Cox-Arquette for most of the seasons when I was watching Friends on a regular basis, to be dating Matthew Perry (the actor who plays Chandler, duh), but isn’t that how the best kind of romances are? You don’t really expect it, but it feels absolutely right?

Of course, when I got home, I Googled the shit out of “courteney cox matthew perry dating,” and found out that they’ve always been in love, are currently in love, and are about to retrieve their love child from 1997–

Except NOPE. Courteney Cox is reportedly dating Will Arnett, formerly of Arrested Development and Amy Poehler’s husband. Cox and Arnett were apparently “all over each other” at what looked like a L.A. dinner date.

Except MAYBE NOT REALLY. Some sources say that Courteney Cox may have been all over Will Arnett for the sake of getting over her ex-fiance, Johnny McDaid of Snow Patrol (yes, that band who sang the song that played over the closing credits in Spider-Man 3). So it seems like Cox and Arnett were just having a nice, friendly dinner where they were all over each other, but they are definitely, supposedly not dating.

Back to what I was investigating in the first place: What’s going on with Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry? Rumors began when recent photos of Cox and Perry hanging out together surfaced, surely a more picturesque endeavor than being “all over each other” at some L.A. restaurant, though I wouldn’t object if they were the ones who were all over each other. However, our number one credible source (not), E! Online, reports that the relationship rumors are false.

So I must ask: Who is Courteney Cox dating? Do Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux know? Does David Arquette know? Does David and Courteney’s daughter, Coco, know? Does Courteney Cox even know?

But no matter what, we will always have Chandler and Monica. No one can ever take that away from us.


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